Tea has always been a very social beverage (though it can also be enjoyed in solitude), but never has tea been more social (in a social networking sense, anyway), until the past two years or so!

Businesses of all sizes have embraced social media as part of their daily repertoire, especially over the last two years! And, we, as The Tea Emporium, are no different! You can now find us on a variety of different platforms now – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course, right here, on WordPress! We have just increased the shareability of each of our posts, so if you see or read something you like here, you can share our posts by clicking on those familiar social media icons at the bottom of each entry!

This blog is still undergoing some major changes, so make sure to drop by often! There may be a tea recipe or two posted sometime soon.

Happy sipping!



First off, some news. After a long hiatus from the blogging world, we are back! There are changes and projects coming our way, and we have all been busy bees, naturally! Take a little breather with us and savour the beauty and elegance behind whimsical fine-art photographer, Rodney Smith. His photographs have been making rounds in several Tumblr and Pinterest threads, and we happened to stumble upon a couple of his tea-themed photographs! These are simply stunning. His style echoes Tim Walker, but Smith’s are so much more playful, in a sense. And you know what the amazing part is? He shoots all of his photographs in film.


You can find more of his work here. His blog is also a delightful read, and offers more insight into his thought process. Lastly, here’s a Modern Met exclusive on him, here.

Amongst our discoveries of cool – different – designs – we came across this little gem.  Designer Soon Mo Kang came up with this fun idea – Hanger Tea – a teabag shaped like a t-shirt on a hanger.  The hanger ofourse is to serve as a hook on your cup.  Fun idea – not sure it would ever become your standard tea purchase?

Huh?  This gets ranked in the category of bizarre inventions – or better yet – why?  Well, Russian industrial designer Anton Schnaider created the ad you see here.  His plan was that the tobacco portion of the cigarette would be filled with tea leaves and that the filter would float so that there wouldn’t be a need for a string.  In the grand scheme of healthy tea – I’m not quite sure this is the marketing tactic I would take – but the idea never went beyond pen and paper as far as I can tell…what a relief!

The hot days of summer are upon us and with that the instinct to grab an ice cold drink. The truth of the matter is that a hot beverage in the heat is what will actually cool you down.  I know, I know, counter-intuitive for us – but it’s true.  By bringing your inner temperature up to your outer temperature, your body actually manages to cool itself.  I could tell you all about your body needing to maintain it’s core temperature and the effect that temperature has on the hypothalamus – but just look at the Bedouin’s in the dessert.  These desert living nomads live in the hottest place in the world – the Sahara can reach up to 58 C – and their beverage of choice…you guessed it…hot tea.

For those of you that still aren’t buying it – Just Ice It!  That’s right – take your favourite tea and chill it – it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Iced Tea
Steep 6 tsp of your favourite tea –  in 1/2 litre of boiled water.
Remove tea and sweeten to taste.
Top with 1/2 litre of cold water OR fill pitcher with ice cubes.
Voila!  Iced tea.

We were inspired by this article we recently saw about Wu Qingliang – a tea farmer in China who has saved two years worth of earnings to walk from Shanghai to Beijing with tea on his back.  Why you ask would someone spend such a sum and three months of his life to walk 1,070 km?  Quite simple…to ‘spread the word about the importance of the environment to his culture’.

The history and traditions ingrained in this ancient land are longstanding – and sometimes we’re reminded of that when we see such love and dedication in spreading that word through someone like Qingliang.

(Please click on the image for the full article)


as month and month passes by
the warm spring sun fills the sky
i wait in heated anticipation
as the fresh crop grows in the plantation

leaves picked and placed in wicker
your delicate sweet liquor
flavours filled with characters that are deep
i close my eyes in a twilight sleep

i awake on the day as it arrives
awaiting the taste that revives
i pour the nectar in a cup
and lean back as i feel myself soaking it up

So…I clicked on the first link months ago and have shared with you the adventures of Matt & Nat – here are the final clips.  I have savoured each and every one and hope you loved ‘getting to know them’ as much as I have.  Pack a bag and throw yourself out into the world…

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

This TED talk clip reminded me of an old myth about the bumblebee. The myth says that the bumblebee, through the laws of aerodynamics, should not be able to fly. its wing size relative to the beats per second that it flaps those wings, should not be able to put the bumblebee into flight. But we know that it does fly – so how is that possible? The answer is simple: Because nobody ever told it that it can’t.

Kiran Bir Sethi is the founder of the Riverside School in Ahmedabad India where she is teaching children to make a difference by learning a simple principle: I CAN.

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