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We’re asked all the time what our favourite teas are – the difficulty in answering that question is directly related to exactly why we love tea so much.  I can pick a tea to suit the weather, the time of day or even my mood.  I grew up with black teas – so starting my day with anything other than a pure black tea just seems wrong – even though on rainy mornings I have found myself waking up to a pot of Lapsang Souchong with a little bit of honey.  I tend to make a cup of green – usually flavoured – mid-morning – my cup when I get to work (yes I have the luxury of starting my day on what most people refer to as mid-morining).  I don’t know when this habit started, but I look forward to my cup of Red Ginseng Sencha or Green Tea Kombucha Lime.  Now keep in mind that this cup sits on my desk – so I tend to drink it not particularly warm – love it anyway.  The afternoons beg for something light – a Sunshine Mate to pick up the energy for the last few hours – or a delicious Dung Ti Oolong – just because.  What do I drink in the evening?  Well – I could lie and make up something now – but lets face it – evenings call for cocktails or wine – everything must have its time and place.


We’ve introduced a new tea into our stores and we’re all in love with it – Quangzhou Milk Oolong.  Has anyone else tried this unbelievable tea?  It’s a lightly oxidized oolong – so it has a very light and delicate liquor.  This tea however, smells and tastes like sweet warm milk. The temperature shift during the harvest is what gives this tea its unique quality.  If you haven’t tried it yet – do!  If you have tried it – let us know what you think about it.  It’s my current favourite.

Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane – Honoré de Balzac

Well – we just returned from our trip to Asia.  It was fantastic.  Such a different world than the one that surrounds us.  We were fortunate enough to be a part of the spring harvest pick in Japan.  The smells in the factory were beautiful – a sweet gorgeous smell that can only come from the freshest young leaves.  It was an amazing experience.  From Tokyo we went on to Vietnam – a whole other world again.  Friendly and welcoming – what a beautful place – and I can’t forget the chaos.  Fascinating – as we were coming from the order and precision of Japan – but the chaos seems to work somehow.  We weren’t as impressed with the tea – but the industry is young – so I’m sure that it will develop.

We have finally been able to set the dates for our 2008 session for our Tea Specialist Certificate.  This year Session 1 will run on August 11-12 and Session 2 on August 25-26.  Space is limited, so if you’re interested, please do email us at info@theteaemporium.com for a registration form.  For those of you that want some more information on the course – click here for more information:  Tea Specialist Certificate.  The groups last year were a lot of fun – and we sure had a blast!

Wow – it’s been a while since we’ve been in here – life sometimes takes over however.  We told you about our new location in the Hazelton Lanes – but it appears we didn’t post about our fifth location in The Beach – or The Beaches – depending on who you talk to – don’t get me started on that argument.  Anyway – the store is cute – and we love the neighbourhood – can’t wait for the warm months in this area!

We are so happy to be able to tell you about our newest store opening.  It has been three years since our last opening – and the truth is – we had the itch – the itch for change – the itch to open something new – and the excitement as well as fun of sharing great tea with a whole new group of customers.  The new location is in Hazelton Lanes – in the heart of Yorkville.  There are so many exciting changes in this neighbourhood – and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.  We’re aiming to open this fall – early fall – but will let you know of the opening date as soon as we have one.

I always fear that creation will expire before teatime – Sydney Smith