We often talk about the romantic world of tea – yes it’s a commodity – yes it’s a business – but there is a long history and romance that surrounds this fascinating ‘commodity’.  This fabulous movie captures that romance in a beautiful and quite ‘lyrical’ way.  We love it.  We’ll be arranging a viewing soon – so stay tuned for details…


Rick Smolan is a photographer – an accomplished photographer.  Rick was sent on assignment by TIME to do a story on Amerasian kids in Korea – these are children born of American GI’s conceived during the Korean war.  Unhappy with the way TIME delivered the story he saw in Korea, he decides to take a sabbatical and return to Korea to tell the story properly.  As most of us westerners think – Rick thought he would make a difference to the story – little did he know that this story was going to change him.  Watch Rick tell his story – it’s beautiful.

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154013843_23f044117f_mWe thought we loved teapots – well…this blog, Teapots Teapots Teapots, is dedicated entirely to teapots – small teapots, large teapots, silver teapots, glass teapots.  The blog belongs to Andy Titcomb, who also makes teapots.  We were drawn to this beautiful piece – not for its practicality – but sometimes you can love something just because it’s beautiful.


Not sure how long to steep your tea for?   Wrapped up and forget about your tea?  I don’t know about you – but there really is little more annoying than tea that is oversteeped.  Fret no longer – because in our technology age, there is a solution for EVERYTHING.  We LOVE this site!  It quite simply tells you when your tea is done steeping – simply click on the type and the timer starts!  BRILLIANT!