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Pret a por-Tea

Well – if it gets you drinking the fabulous beverage…then we’re all for it.  But some things you just have to smile at.  A German company has designed teabags with the likeness of various designers/celebrities – well…look for yourself and tell us what you think…


Stay Hungry…Stay Foolish

Here is an inspiring talk given by Steve Jobs – that’s Apple to you technophobes – at the Stanford University commencement. It’s a simple message, but one we need to hear sometimes again and again, looking for the opportunities in everything around us, even when it’s hard to see…and perhaps even especially when it’s hard to see…]

General Health

Green Tea and Lung Cancer

We know tea is good for us – and the truth is, we just simply love tea – the fact that it’s good for us is really just the icing on the cake. But…we’re always happy to see more scientific evidence being released to back up what we know. A recent study out of a medical university in Taiwan done on a group of 500, showed that both smokers and non-smokers who drank a single cup of green tea a day, greatly reduced their risk of lung cancer. Ofcourse they were careful to add that this does not diminish the dangers of smoking! Smokers that did not drink green tea were 12 times more likely to get lung cancer.