George Orwell – on Tea?

Well – we knew some people had some rather strong opinions on tea – but we were recently forwarded this essay by George Orwell – and think he has taken strong opinions to a whole new level.  I must admit that I cringed as I read through most of it – but hey – read for yourselves – and tell us what you think:  George Orwell.

5 replies on “George Orwell – on Tea?”

Wow! Talking about strong opinions. I disagree with almost the entire thing! Obviously and thankfully there has been a tea evolution since he wrote his essay in 1946. How to pour boiling water in a teapot made me laugh. And how the tea must be very strong to taste anything. Well I find the exact opposite. Maybe Mr. Orwell was a closeted coffee drinker.. 😉

I couldn’t agree with you more Kelly. Interestingly though – have you heard of Tibetan Butter Tea – Po Cha? It consists of tea (black), butter, salt and milk – I’m not running to try it – but I suppose everyone moves to the beat of a different drummer!

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