Brewing the perfect cup of tea

Begin with good tea – tea – even loose leaf quality – is the cheapest beverage in the world next to water – so there really is no excuse to be drinking poor quality tea.  Use freshly drawn water – we recommend filtered water – but if you are lucky enough to have access to fresh spring water – use it.  Measure 1 tsp per 6oz cup into an infusor.  Make sure your infusor is large enough to allow the ‘agony of the leaves’ to take place properly.  Allow your water to reach a boil when brewing black teas, pu-ehr, herbals – and longer oxidized oolongs.  For white, green and lightly oxidized oolongs – use water that has reached approximately 80C.  Allow your tea to steep – 3-5 minutes for white, 1-3 minutes for green, 2-4 minutes for oolongs, 3-5 minutes for black except for Darjeelings – which require only 2-4 minutes.  Sit back – and enjoy. 

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