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The Tea Emporium and Instagram: Wall II

Here’s a re-cap of our favourite moments on IG. Lately, our feed has been full of our favourite hot teas made iced, only because it really is that time of year — iced tea time! Don’t know how to make iced tea out of our loose leaf tea? No sweat!  Here’s a post we did last year on how to make the perfect iced tea.

And now, on to our visuals!

Row by row, L – R:

1) Sampling iced Rooibos Sweet Embrace at our Eglinton store. 2) Moroccan Mint iced tea for a busy (and hot!) day. 3) Iced Fields of Peaches. 4) Afternoon snack treat: Cream of Avalon with a splash of milk and a chocolate & fleur de sel cookie! The perfect combo. 5) Our Spring Blend won’t be here for much longer, as we make way for our Summer Blend. Here, I have it iced, of course! 6) Breakfast. Imperial English Breakfast — with a splash of milk and a touch of honey. 7) Sampling iced Spring Blend at our Danforth location. 8) Iced Matcha Chiller – the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.


L – R:

9) David and Oscar = the Tea Emporium’s new mascots? We’ll have get back to them on that. 10) Tea and Journal gift set at our Maple Leaf Gardens location: $18.95 11) OMG! Our FYI mugs are back in stock!


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