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The Tea Social

Tea has always been a very social beverage (though it can also be enjoyed in solitude), but never has tea been more social (in a social networking sense, anyway), until the past two years or so!

Businesses of all sizes have embraced social media as part of their daily repertoire, especially over the last two years! And, we, as The Tea Emporium, are no different! You can now find us on a variety of different platforms now – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course, right here, on WordPress! We have just increased the shareability of each of our posts, so if you see or read something you like here, you can share our posts by clicking on those familiar social media icons at the bottom of each entry!

This blog is still undergoing some major changes, so make sure to drop by often! There may be a tea recipe or two posted sometime soon.

Happy sipping!



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