Welcome to our first blog.  Why a blog?  Well we love tea – and we know a lot of you love tea – and have a lot of questions – so we thought this would be the perfect way for all of us to share our stories about tea, our questions and queeries – as well as anything else you want to chat about.  We’ll keep you up to date with what is happening with us – and let’s see where this blog takes us.  ENJOY!  Don’t forget to visit our site at

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Love the idea. Great name for your blog site. Saw Frank on HGTV, Kitchen Equipped this week. For those interested it was Episode “Retro Inspired Kitchen 6”.
Not sure when its original air time is but I’m sure you can catch their line up at

Cheers and continued success to you !

We should really make a list and post our tv appearances – The Food Network has been really good to us. We also keep talking about video streaming all our tv spots and posting them on the website.

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