My Favourites

We’re asked all the time what our favourite teas are – the difficulty in answering that question is directly related to exactly why we love tea so much.  I can pick a tea to suit the weather, the time of day or even my mood.  I grew up with black teas – so starting my day with anything other than a pure black tea just seems wrong – even though on rainy mornings I have found myself waking up to a pot of Lapsang Souchong with a little bit of honey.  I tend to make a cup of green – usually flavoured – mid-morning – my cup when I get to work (yes I have the luxury of starting my day on what most people refer to as mid-morining).  I don’t know when this habit started, but I look forward to my cup of Red Ginseng Sencha or Green Tea Kombucha Lime.  Now keep in mind that this cup sits on my desk – so I tend to drink it not particularly warm – love it anyway.  The afternoons beg for something light – a Sunshine Mate to pick up the energy for the last few hours – or a delicious Dung Ti Oolong – just because.  What do I drink in the evening?  Well – I could lie and make up something now – but lets face it – evenings call for cocktails or wine – everything must have its time and place.


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