Why loose leaf?

Well – if you have to ask – then you’ve probably never had loose leaf tea.  Here is an article that was just printed in Scotland’s Daily Record that made us snicker.  There are many problems with commercial teabags – quality and flavour being the most important.  The leaves used are ground down into fine particles – fannings and dust in the tea world.  Firstly, you would never do that to a leaf of high quality.  Second – the smaller the cut of leaf – the greater the surface area of leaf to water – this results in instant colour when steeping but no flavour.  Unfortunately,  the line between flavour and bitter is crossed so quickly that is almost impossible to brew a good cup of tea using this quality product.

I must admit that I do not order tea in a restaurant – nor do ask for it as someone’s home – unless I know it’s of loose leaf quality.  I know that sounds terrible – but there is nothing worse than a bad cup of tea.

What’s been your worst cup of tea?

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I made the mistake of buying a can of Nestea iced tea powder once. Lord, what was I thinking?! It had a metallic, chemical-like after-taste. There really is nothing better in this world that steeped loose leaf tea that’s been set to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours. Glorious!

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