Paying it Forward…

Being part of a community and giving back to a community is essential, I believe, to any business.  We contribute on a regular basis to local silent auctions and fundraisers within our communities.

I decided this year however, to focus directly on an organization that struck me several years ago.  It is called Women for Women International.  This organization ‘helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives’.  Why this organization?  Well, I suppose as a woman, I am drawn to the plight of women first and foremost.  Add to that however, that the industry I work in is operated largely by women – and when I say operated – I mean in the fields.  They’re not the faces you see in the board rooms and the auction houses or even in the factories.  They are largely out in the fields with baskets on their heads and backs, plucking the perfect leaf for you and for me.  So what better way to pay it forward than to women.

Women for Women International takes women who have been affected by war into a 12 month program where they are trained in business and job skills.  These women are empowered in knowing their rights and becoming leaders in their communities.  Women for Women builds power and strong foundations – this is what drew me to this organization.

So what have I done?  I have launched our relationship by sponsoring one woman already.  My goal however is to sponsor more.  So, we will launch limited edition items for you to purchase, profits of which will be put aside for this program.  That means that when the limited edition product is sold out, we will have enough funds to sponsor another woman..and so on..and so on.  We will all be paying it forward.


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