Well – I made it.  Yes – I know I said this would be a fourteen day detox – but unfortunately, I have a pastry tasting scheduled for today – and that will blow my detox.  So…I decided to end on a round number – Day 10.

I’ve been asked whether it was difficult – and with the exception of the first three days of liquid, I would say, no – not at all.  And perhaps it wasn’t a burden for exactly that reason – after three days of liquid, everything was a walk in the park.  I didn’t truly feel like I was really sacrificing anything throughout the detox – things I had to spend time thinking about – what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner in the beginning became easier towards the end.  I was shocked that I didn’t miss red meat – I’m a red meat lover.

What I did realize is what an important social element of our life eating is.  I think this is why I found this process more difficult on days I wasn’t working. 

So here is the final days menu:

Oatmeal cooked in 1% milk, banana
Rooibos Ginger Melon

Whole wheat bread with egg frittata (leftover from a previous night), sprouts, mustard
Imperial Jasmine

Skinless chicken, avocado quesadilla on whole wheat flax tortilla
Sunburst Raspberry – iced