Detox – Day 4

Woohoo!  Chewing again!!  Who would have thought that would truly be the highlight of my day!!  I’m feeling ‘healthier’ – I don’t know if it’s in my mnind though – or if there are true changes to  my body.  I’m guessing that not having had a single glass of wine since Saturday has got to be doing something good for me.  I am feeling less bloated –

Here is my menu for the day:

Rooibos Prickly Pear
Whole grain Müssli with banana and half a cup of 1% milk

Lichee Congou Emperor
Turkey sandwhich – whole grain bread with roasted turkey breast, sprouts, mustard

White Needle
Roasted chicken breast with lemon, paprika rub
Blanched green beans with yoghurt dressing

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