Detox – Day 5

The second part of this detox is proving to be much easier than the first part.  Perhaps I would be complaining about it had I have not started with the liquid detox.  Now, having said that – I was not in a controlled environment today – meaning – I was at First Canadian Place surrounded by awful food courts.  You don’t realize what poor choices you’re faced with until you face them consciously.  So, I did the awful – I skipped lunch – I had a cup of Sunshine Mate  instead.  Mate is an energy booster, an immune system booster and it’s filled with vitamins and minerals – it’s also been known to be an appetite suppresor – so..I figured that if I was skipping lunch, I should at least get some nutrients into my system and curbe my appetite.

Besides the teas that I’ve listed in my specific meals – I am still drinking lots of Red Ginseng Sencha and Green Tea Kombucha Lime.

Here’s my menu for the day:

Multi-grain Müessli, blueberries, half a cup 1% milk
Blend 103

Sunshine Mate

Vegetable omelette with smoked salmon
Rooibos Chai

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