So winter is behind us (I hope) and I’ve decided it’s time to purge a little – clean out the system of the not so good stuff I may have ingested over the cold months.  So…a detox is in order and I chose today as the start date.  With the first day of spring yesterday, I thought this was an appropriate day to begin.  I’ve done some research and general consensus seems to agree on a couple of points:  1.  pure liquid detox’s are a bad idea – your body needs nutrients and doing one of these (lemon water with cayenne for example) isn’t great for the body  2.  starting with some sort of fast is a good idea to clean out the system  3.  a fast needs to last at least three (3) days – preferably five (5) – in order for your body to cleanse itself of toxins.

Based on what I’ve read and being honest with myself as well – read realistic – I’ve put together my own detox.  Please remember that this is what I think will work for me – I don’t recommend it for everyone and it is critical that you consult your physician before beginning any kind of detox program.

I’m going to start with a juice fast – I will do three (3) days and hope for five (5).  I’ve made a trip to St Lawrence Market and stocked up on some freshly squezzed juices.  If you start with a juice fast, you need to remember that a detox includes taking preservatives and sugars out of your diet – most off the shelf juices contain a ton of sugar – so they’re out.  After my cleanse – I will stick to fruits, vegetables and whole grains for the remaining two weeks.  Alcohol, meat and sugar are out – but I will be drinking lots of tea. 

If you’ve done a detox that has worked for you – I would love to here about it.  I’ll try and blog every day and let you know how it’s going.  Let the cleanse begin!

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