Yes, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday.  The quiet little celebration between Victoria Day and Canada Day.  A sometimes forgotten holiday that has us spending $5.2 billion less on gifts than we do on the other parent…our mothers!  There has been all sorts of pontification about why that is, why we celebrate our mothers more than our fathers, but let’s face it, pontification is all it will ever be.  The holiday was started in 1910 to a not very receptive audience.  It was mocked mercilessly.  Let’s face it, even the poor tie has gotten a bad rap as a gift of any sort as it has been associated so poorly with the ‘standard Father’s Day gift’.

So this year, we propose you throw out the go-to necktie gift, forget the million gadgets dad has…and give him the gift of tea.  Pay tribute to the man who is the strong silent one.  The man who pulled out the thesaurus at 11pm to help you with your science project you forgot about.  The rock who looked at you and didn’t quite know what to say when your heart was broken for the first time.

Say thank you with the same strength and silence that he has shared his love for you with.  The quiet peaceful strength and wisdom of a cup of tea.


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