Anyone who has attended a yoga class has said the words or had the words spoken to them – Namaste.  It feels peaceful, it sounds peaceful and it has a beautiful aura to it – but what does it mean.  Namaste, Namaskara, Namaskaram is a Sanskrit word and it is essentially a greeting.  The words are always spoken holding the hands within a prayer position in front of your chest and slightly bowing your head.  Loosely translated, it means ‘I bow to the divinity/light that is within you’.  What a beautiful sentiment.  We greet eachother – friends, colleagues, strangers, each and every day – we say hello in passing without thinking perhaps about the person in front of us – the soul, the light.  And there it is – one single word to wrap up the acknowledgement of the light within you, the light within me.

The next time you see someone  and greet them – think the word – even if you don’t say it – be conscious of it – it will make you smile and it may make you look at the person in front of you a little deeper.

Namaste –


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