a celebration of history

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Ancient PROM Gala at the Royal Ontario Museum.  As a member of the Young Patrons Circle, I attended this fundraising event in hopes of connecting with other motivated and philanthropic individuals, and it paid off. I have met many individuals who are just as passionate and interested in making a contribution to the preservation and vigor of the museum life.

The Young Patron Circle members are bound by their love for new experiences and their continuous interest in the unique connections between the ancient and the new. The Royal Ontario Museum’s galleries and exhibitions provide its visitors with an unusual bond, made upon the discovery of old artifacts and epic events in history. It is of no wonder then why I frequent events that bring me closer to uncovering the mysteries of the ancient world, they are exciting and above anything enlightening.

Now here’s the fun part – sure, the event had great music and a lively crowd, but what made it all so unusual was the dress code. Toga anyone? From Greek goddesses to the Nordic fighters, the room was filled with an array of colorful and remarkable costumes. For a moment, they all blurred together, creating an extraordinary mishmash of different cultures and eras, it was so easy to imagine that you were attending a international masquerade, only many centuries ago.

Events like these make me appreciate the time I am living in because I can learn so much about history and its secrets, and to only think how much information has been gathered, it is overwhelming. But at the same time, it is so gratifying. We often take for granted the abundance of information that exists on events that shaped who we are today. It is so important to appreciate the efforts of cultivating and preserving artifacts and their stories, because without them our understanding of the world around us would be rather dull, leaving us forever in search of answers.

So if you are like me and are fascinated by history, then grab a friend and head down to a museum, a gallery or an event that is bound to bring you closer to your roots. Get involved and get inspired! You can also read the stories of some donors and volunteers here:



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