A Little tin home


The three words that rule the real estate have always been “location, location, location”.  And there is a definite reason for that – location matters. I believe that location also matters when it comes to tea – location of where tea is kept and stored to be specific. The common misconception among even the most avid tea drinkers is that keeping tea in the fridge will keep it fresher. This is not true. Loose leaf tea should be kept at a room temperature, in a dark, dry place to avoid the condensation caused by change of temperature. The only teas that are advised to be kept in the fridge are those in a matcha form, to prolong the shelf life.  But when it comes to storing loose leaf teas, tea tins will always be the best option – keeping the tea fresh and aromatic. Just like cooking certain foods in a particular container or aging wine in barrels, tea is best stored in a tea tin – usually made out of metal, which helps preserve the tea’s properties and taste.  The great thing about tea tins is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you can enjoy storing your tea in the most unique and personalized ways. But perhaps the best part of owning a tin is that when you come to any of our locations for a refill, you will get 10% off any tea purchase with your LivegreenToronto card. So there it is – an environmentally conscious, simple and effective way to enjoy what you love most. So why not give your tea the home it deserves?

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