dreams and possibili-teas

Some of you may already know that I am currently in the midst of finishing my book, so here is a sneak preview into what you can expect.

I took an adventurous approach to writing this book by incorporating a lot of my personal views and experiences, rather than writing solely about tea and tea facts. My intention is to create a bond between me as an author and the message of the story, and by doing so, to allow the reader to draw personal connections to the story while getting to know me personally. My book will be filled with inspirational experiences and how I am growing as an individual who is driven by the passion of tea. I also can say that the book has a romantic feel to it, you will find that hidden among various recipes and party ideas will be moments of sharing, confession and vulnerability.

It is important to me that the reader connects with the book and its message because the book itself carries a lot of what I stand for and believe in. I would want the reader to get to know me and in doing so, cultivate an understanding of what tea is all about in relation to our life experiences and personal growth. I also want to share innovative and creative ideas, experiences and thoughts, not just about tea but also about what it means to truly get to know who you are as an individual. I want the readers to discover these new facts and ideas because ultimately it will enlighten their senses and hopefully persuade them to pursue long life dreams, aspirations and goals.

This book is a journey, and I want all the readers to embark on this wonderful opportunity to discovering something new, perhaps rediscovering something forgotten. I want this book to introduce the readers to a world of possibilities, not just when it comes to tea, but also when it comes to self discovery. This book is about growth, passion and determination, and above all – peace of mind.

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