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A Weekend with Lovers of Tea

What a lovely weekend I have had.  Tea drinkers have a fundamental element in common…they actually LOVE tea.  Ask a tea drinker why they drink tea and I promise you the reaction will be:  a big smile, and some sort of emotional response – it makes them feel good, it’s comforting, it reminds them of their mother/grandmother, etc.  Tea drinkers WANT tea, whereas coffee drinkers NEED coffee.  Those are two very different statements – one is an emotional response and the second is one of necessity.

It’s like we’ve all fallen into a cult and just can’t seem to get enough.  This weekend, tea lovers gathered at the Toronto Reference library for the Toronto Tea Festival.  A weekend of tea, tea books, tea macarons, tea talks and tea ceremonies.  The festival had everything to offer – from the finest teas from around the world, experts sharing their knowledge of tea and even a machine that will blend your tea and make you a cup all at the same time!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time, mixing with our customers, with some of our fabulous teas – and I did what I love doing best – sharing my love of tea at my talk:  Wellness Tea.  We featured some of our favourite wellness teas at the show this year:  Sencha Kiwi Garden, Fields of Peaches, Sunshine Mate, Citrus Sunburst, Yellow Dragon PuEhr, Rooibos Sweet Embrace.

Thank you to all of you that attended.  And for those of you that missed it…sign up for one of our events or browse our website for all our delicious teas

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