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Adventure in India – Assam continues

Returning to reality has been difficult and tea girl is itching to get back to telling you about her journey to India.  If I told you that the hospitality in India was overwhelming, I wouldn’t possibly do it justice.  You can imagine my face as we drove up to Dikom Estate in Assam to the beautiful colours of red and white, tea pluckers dressed in traditional costume performing a song for us.  To be specific, the Jhumar Dance, which is so delightful.  The happiest people singing a song of welcome to us.  If you think we were able to get away with not joining in, you are mistaken.  We held hands with the beautiful ladies and joined in their song of welcome and celebration.

You become overwhelmed by kindness when Indrajit Roy, the Vice President of Marketing for the Rossell Tea group changes his schedule in order to greet you at the estate.  And equally overwhelmed when Mr Bedi – the Managing Director for Rossell Tea and his beautiful wife, go out of their way to join you for a dinner.  These are friends and faces I see in North America, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to visit them in their home – beautiful India.

Dikom is a vast and beautiful estate that is setting the bar within the Rossel group of tea companies when it comes to social services and care of their workers.  This has been a discussion we’ve had at a number of estates, but none illustrated it better than Samar Chaliha, Dikom’s Estate Manager.  In detail he went through the initiatives being taken to provide a healthy social network not only for the workers in the gardens and factory, but also for the children of the workers.

Oh, and yes, of course they have some of the most beautiful Assam teas.  This is where Golden Butterflies and Golden Pearls are made.  Two teas that were winners of the North American tea competition.  I have had the pleasure to taste these teas before, but believe me when I tell you that nothing is quite the same as drinking these teas with the people who have actually made them.

Teagirl took something very important away from the visit at Dikom – beautiful products and beautiful people all co-exist under one roof.  As their slogan goes:  To the world you are a person.  To a person you are the world.

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