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Adventure in India – Opening up their doors

As you have all seen and heard, many estates were visited on my adventure in India.  I’ve talked endlessly about the kindness and the hospitality.  I’ve told you about specific people and estates to which I am truly grateful for how well they took care of us.  Harishpur, who I told you about in my last post, went so far as actually opening up their home to us to stay at.  As did Amgoorie and Borbam in Assam.  It’s these last two estates and specifically the company they belong to that I want to share with you today.

Goodricke is a large company that calls itself ‘The Tea People’.  They incorporated in India in 1977 and have since become the home to some of the finest names in tea estates in India.  I was fortunate enough to visit five of their estates between Darjeeling and Assam.

In Darjeeling, I cherished the teas I tasted at Thurbo, Castleton and Margaret’s Hope.  All estates that I have loved and coveted for as long as I have been drinking teas from Darjeeling.  In Assam the hospitality was further extended when Amgoorie and Borbam actually opened the doors to their homes for us to stay the night.  A dinner was hosted which included the most wonderful musicians as well as the welcoming dance by the beautiful tea pluckers.  Yes, teagirl danced again, this time barefoot in the grass.

As if all this wasn’t enough, in between our travels from Darjeeling to Assam, Mr. Arun Singh, CEO of Goodricke, welcomed us with a beautiful dinner at the Goodricke house in Kolkata.

Why am I listing all this for you?  Because it’s important for everyone to appreciate and understand the warmth and dedication that I experienced.  And this extended from the small estates we visited right up to the ones owned by an enormous company such as Goodricke.  These people LOVE this industry.  And if you can’t see that when you’re there, you are truly blind.  From the commitment they declare to their gardens, the shiny floors in the factories you could truly eat from, to some of the most beautifully crafted teas, the love is prevalent.

Thank you Goodricke, for setting a high bar, it was inspiring to see and experience.

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