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It’s that time of year again…yes…my favourite time.  I admit it.  Despite being in retail and planning for Christmas months in advance, nothing beats the feeling of Christmas…for me.  So I thought this year, what is the best gift we could give to all you shoppers?  Gift wrapping was the resounding answer.  Personally, I don’t understand, as I love gift wrapping.  I theme my gifts every year and take the greatest pleasure in wrapping my gifts.  This year’s theme…pompoms wrapped on the packages.  It seems however that many of you do not share my love of gift wrapping.  So we have our ‘wrapped and ready’ gifts for you.  We’ve chosen our favourite tea sets, travel mugs, tea selections, and have them all wrapped with beautiful paper, ribboned and ready to put under the tree.  Doesn’t really get easier than that.  That leaves you with an extra few hours on your hands to sit and enjoy a cup of tea yourself.  One of my favourites at this time of year is Baked Apple.  It’s possible that a little bit of Calvados falls into my cup while wrapping presents in the evening.

Take time and enjoy the season – there is a different energy in the air…and it’s not all about stress.


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