Cold Brewed Tea…Why You Should Try it this Summer

The summer is almost here and if you’re anything like the tea fanatics at the Tea Emporium, you’re already craving a class of cold, thirst-quenching iced tea. While diluting a hot brew produces a stronger, more intensely flavoured batch of iced tea, there are a number of benefits to cold brewing.

Firstly, cold brewing tea produces soft, nuanced flavours that differ from infusion to infusion. Cold brewing is also energy efficient, gently drawing flavours out of the leaves over a longer period of time. What you get is a tea that is free of bitterness and acidity, completely smooth and delicate.

In addition to the flavour benefits, research suggests that cold brewed tea is healthier than tea brewed with boiling water in that it retains more of the catechins and polyphenols that give tea its antioxidant benefits. Try a fruity green like Garden of Eden or Goji Acai Sencha to get the benefits of green tea and fruity, fresh summertime flavour. icedtea

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