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Evening Rituals

You would think my house is packed with every style teapot imaginable in every colour available.  The truth however is that I have three castiron teapots that are my go to teapots for everything.  And I get as much pleasure using them today as I did the day I bought them.  Part of my new habits for life, although not listed in my original post, has been to develop new rituals that make me happy.  So here it is.  I will often have a cup of tea at the end of the night, but rather than make a mug, I’ve started the ritual of making a small pot with a lovely teacup and saucer on a small tray which I will take up to bed with me.  The teapot you see in this picture is my very first Japanese Tetsubin – it’s 20 years old and as fabulous as ever.

It may be in my head – it likely is – but my evening tea tastes better and I feel better.  Better for saying to myself…you’re worth the time to do things nicely…just for you!  Be good to you.

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