Holiday mini tea gift guide


The holidays are just around the corner and I’ve got a special mini guide for you all to find that special gift for that special someone. I know that it can get pretty stressful when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for, but I want to reassure you that this time around it will be different.  And so,  here’s a mini guide to this season’s essential shopping tea items bound to please just about anyone.

A perfect tea gift for your closest friends should be fun and thoughtful.  I suggest choosing something they haven’t tried before – something exciting that tells them they you care about their personal growth as well as your relationship. Try mixing a completely unique, personal blend – choose two teas from our extensive selection of premium teas and create a one of a kind tea blend.  A luscious green Mao Jian for example, mixed with slightly astringent and fresh Lemon Darjeeling tea – now that’s exciting! For the simple and elegant blend, try a Vanilla black tea mixed with our Rooibos Chai – that “warm and fuzzy feeling” in a cup says it all!

A gift for your partner should be sensual and exciting, but nothing too showy. Surprise them with a new tea gadget, paired with a lover’s tea potion. I suggest pairing a travel mug or a designer cup with one of their favorite specialty teas (have you seen our Blooming Tea collection?) Show them that you care about their personal tastes by choosing their favorite flavor and spice it up with a tea accessory that will be an exciting and loving reminder of your special bond.  

Gifts to the family should signify warmth and thoughtfulness. Luckily, teapots are the perfect gifts when it comes to showing just how much you care. It signifies unity and tranquility. It’s also a very practical object when it comes to the assortment of tea accessories, its elegance and stature among other kitchenware is simply unmatched. The Tea Emporium offers a range of teapots, so you can feel at ease about choosing just the right one. So before you look any further, explore our newest line of teapots from Guy Degrenne – and if you’ve fallen in love with it, there’s a good chance your loved ones will as well.

I hope that this helps all of you with your upcoming holiday gift decisions. And just remember that there is nothing better than a gift that says how much you care­. And since tea is a universal symbol of warmth, care, unity and appreciation, it makes it a perfect gift for any occasion, you really can’t go wrong.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming seasonal recipes and more holiday gift ideas!

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