Introducing Mujou Iced Teas- In Time for Summer 2014

Mujou is the Japanese concept of finding beauty in impermanence-the changing seasons, life changes, relationships, and nature itself. To celebrate this idea, our in-house mixologist will be creating ever changing iced tea recipes to share with you over the summer.

Here is the recipe for Mujou 1:

18 grams of Green Apple Quince Sencha

4 grams of Moroccan Mint tea

1 level teaspoon of Spearmint tea

1 rounded tea spoon of Peppermint tea

1/4 cup of sugar (or sweeten to taste)

How to make:

Steep tea for 15-20 minutes in a pitcher, then add sugar. Stir sugar well until it dissolves, then add ice cubes.

As a cocktail:

Pour iced Mujou into cocktail shaker over ice, squeeze in a wedge of lemon.

Add 1 half oz. of vodka. Shake well.

Pour over ice into tall glass. Garnish with mint.

Sit back with your drink and enjoy the beauty of the moment.mujou

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