Matcha Journals Part 2

Hello everyone,

As promised, here are the details of my first week of experimenting with matcha. Every morning, instead of coffee, I made myself a nice big bowl of matcha. Firstly, let me say that it does take a little bit more time to prepare matcha than brew coffee in a coffee maker but those few extra moments were definitely worth it. I started out with hot, but not boiling, water. I just let the kettle sit as I got ready for my day. The act of making the matcha, the measuring out and the whisking, felt like a moment of meditation. Already feeling calm and ready to face the day, I drank it alongside my breakfast. I can say, with the utmost confidence, that the energy I get from matcha feels entirely different than a caffeine jolt. While coffee definitely did wake me up, it always felt like a hit to the system and only lasted a couple of hours. I realize this is highly variable and coffee has different effects on different people, but this seems to be a common complaint among coffee drinkers. Not so with matcha. I felt energized, awake and yet calm and stable. The energy lasted throughout my morning classes and well into the afternoon. As I mentioned last week, matcha doesn’t only have caffeine but contains a whole host of alkaloids and amino acids that bring about that calm energy. Arriving at work later in the afternoon, on most days I would treat myself to an iced matcha, sometimes with a bit of ginger. This is also a really refreshing afternoon drink that gave me the same stress-free energy and got me right through the evening. Usually, I would have a black tea at this time, and I definitely plan to alternate (I love my black teas!) but for particularly stressful periods and when I have a workload, I think matcha will be my afternoon drink. Overall, I found my stress levels to be under control (this never happens during the first few weeks of class) and my energy to be consistent. Matcha gave me a sense of well-being that nothing else seems to replicate for me. I thought it would be tough to give up my morning coffee but it was actually relatively painless. So far, I’m beyond pleased with matcha’s energy-boosting effects!


Matcha Latte

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