My trusted companion


When things aren’t going according to plan, it’s a difficult task to keep calm and not stress about every little detail. I often don’t take notice of my stress levels and I am sure that many of us rarely do. But I want to change the notion that stress management is not a priority in our day to day tasks. In fact, I think that we should pay more attention to the process of handling certain situations rather than how we envision the end result. I see this all the time, we stress so much about how a situation will be resolved that we end up harming ourselves in the process. We sacrifice our mind and body because that is our only currency when it comes to reaching goals. Well I say it’s time to put the constant overflow of liabilities to rest.

I have one simple answer – tea. Yes, I know it might not seem like much, but believe me, its effectiveness is not to be doubted. Tea has been around for much longer than any of us and has been used across various continents as a remedy for stress relief. Besides the obvious properties of tea such as its immune system booster and antioxidant powers, it also provides comfort and warmth that we associate with safety and relief. But just like leading a healthy lifestyle is important to those who work out, tea must be drunk with the desire for tranquility of the mind.

I know that most days it is impossible to find any time for the real cup of tea, you know, the one with which you sit down, hold with both hands, and feel its warmth without any distractions. What ends up happening is that we grab a cup to go and rush off to work, school or a meeting instead. This is when we simply want to wake up, be more alert and end up relying on caffeine rather than comfort. I am of course no stranger to drinking tea on the go and can honestly say that sometimes it is a necessity. However there is absolutely no excuse for not taking a moment after the hectic day and enjoying a cup of a relaxing tea, away from the noise. I suggest finding a small place, some type of a nook, where you can escape the daily hum.

I guess my message to you all is to be good to yourselves, to take a few moments each day and focus on finding quiet in your mind. Let the hot cup of tea take away your worries, stress and anxiety and let it bring you calmness, peace and happiness. In case you are wondering what my choice is when it comes to choosing tea for relaxation, I generally avoid caffeine and find that herbal blends work best. Try the Herbal Relaxer or Sleepyhead for soothing, Vanilla Rooibos or Candied Almonds for warmth and Clari-Tea or Crimson Sunset for tension relief. Let the tea be your companion – trust it and let it help you.

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