A cheer for the Winter Olympics 2014


With the Winter Olympics 2014 on the way, it’s a perfect time to remember what we love so much about the games. Most of you will agree that the main reason for tuning in and following so closely is because they motivate us. And I’m not just talking about motivation to go to the gym and get fit. I am talking about motivation to persevere in all areas of our lives, to be successful, to always follow through and learn to accept defeat gracefully.

There is also a certain magical element that surrounds the celebration of the games, it is the element of tradition, a series of days that remind us of our childhood experience of watching athletes swiftly and gracefully carry out the most unbelievable of stunts. Or simply the first time we saw the Olympic Flame and couldn’t stop wondering how it was possible for the flame to keep waving. And quite possibly, at one point, we all dreamt of one day becoming one of them – being as strong and as determined as the young faces presented with awards on the pedestal before us. Olympics have always been a symbol of determination, pride, strength, fortitude and vigor. But it has also been a symbol of moving forward – the emblem of determination and a reminder that we all have something to achieve, whether in the near or distant future. We all have our own medals to win and even if we don’t win all the time, we sure try to.

With their long history of tradition, the Olympics remain a form of extraordinary entertainment and an example of how important it is to want to achieve our goals. But behind their engaging nature an important message always resurfaces – the gratifying nature of being a part of something that is bigger than us all. So on February 7th, get comfortable with your loved ones, make some tea and let’s cheer our athletes on together!

Don’t forget to tweet us with your guess of how many gold medals Canada will win. The closest answer will receive a Travel Mug!

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