I have to admit it…I’m bored – of what I’ve ingested for the past three days.  Tea this morning and for lunch I had more of the soup I made last night.  The soup was great – I was just happy to get something warm in me besides tea.  Speaking of which – I’m drinking lots – I don’t add anything to my tea – so I’m not missing anything there – that seems to be the easiest part of this. 

Needless to say – I’m moving on from the juice detox – I said I would do three days and see how I felt about five – but the thought of  not eating solids for another two days make me want to cry.  I’m sssiii looking forward to tomorrow – I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about eating solid foods!  Boy do I miss chewing.

I woke up this morning thinking – hey this isn’t so bad – and then I saw my husband enjoying breakfast – tough when someone else is eating in front of you.  Was pretty hungry last night before going to bed – I found that brushing my teeth helped a lot with that – I’m guessing because it put a minty flavour in my mouth.

Started my day with hot water and lemon – have had copious amounts of tea – Rooibos Ginger Melon and I found a pot of the Quangzhou Milk Oolong helped in the afternoon as I was feeling particularly tempted to quit this detox.  I should have perhaps scheduled the liquid cleanse part of this detox on work days when I’m too busy to think about food.  Oh well – I will persevere!

Vegetable juice today is carrot, apple and ginger – love the mixture.  I’m now making a cauliflower soup for dinner:

1 head of cauliflower
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp horseradish
salt and pepper

Boil cauliflower in water with garlic.  Take off heat and let cool.  Pureé mixture, add horseradish and salt and pepper to taste

I’ve made it through most of the day and so far I’m feeling good.  Started my day with hot water and lemon, had a cup of Green Tea Kombucha Lime around 11:00am.  Kombucha is a culture of good yeasts and bacteria that bind the toxins in your blood and your organs making them water soluble.  I’ll be drinking lots of this tea over the next two weeks – it helps tha I love the flavours.  I then had two cups of freshly squeezed vegetable juice – beet, carrot and ginger – I’m sure I’ll be  having some more of that before the day is done. 

I’m not feeling cranky yet – but then again, it is only Day1.

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So winter is behind us (I hope) and I’ve decided it’s time to purge a little – clean out the system of the not so good stuff I may have ingested over the cold months.  So…a detox is in order and I chose today as the start date.  With the first day of spring yesterday, I thought this was an appropriate day to begin.  I’ve done some research and general consensus seems to agree on a couple of points:  1.  pure liquid detox’s are a bad idea – your body needs nutrients and doing one of these (lemon water with cayenne for example) isn’t great for the body  2.  starting with some sort of fast is a good idea to clean out the system  3.  a fast needs to last at least three (3) days – preferably five (5) – in order for your body to cleanse itself of toxins.

Based on what I’ve read and being honest with myself as well – read realistic – I’ve put together my own detox.  Please remember that this is what I think will work for me – I don’t recommend it for everyone and it is critical that you consult your physician before beginning any kind of detox program.

I’m going to start with a juice fast – I will do three (3) days and hope for five (5).  I’ve made a trip to St Lawrence Market http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/ and stocked up on some freshly squezzed juices.  If you start with a juice fast, you need to remember that a detox includes taking preservatives and sugars out of your diet – most off the shelf juices contain a ton of sugar – so they’re out.  After my cleanse – I will stick to fruits, vegetables and whole grains for the remaining two weeks.  Alcohol, meat and sugar are out – but I will be drinking lots of tea. 

If you’ve done a detox that has worked for you – I would love to here about it.  I’ll try and blog every day and let you know how it’s going.  Let the cleanse begin!

We love this commercial – just thought I would share it:  


We’re asked all the time what our favourite teas are – the difficulty in answering that question is directly related to exactly why we love tea so much.  I can pick a tea to suit the weather, the time of day or even my mood.  I grew up with black teas – so starting my day with anything other than a pure black tea just seems wrong – even though on rainy mornings I have found myself waking up to a pot of Lapsang Souchong with a little bit of honey.  I tend to make a cup of green – usually flavoured – mid-morning – my cup when I get to work (yes I have the luxury of starting my day on what most people refer to as mid-morining).  I don’t know when this habit started, but I look forward to my cup of Red Ginseng Sencha or Green Tea Kombucha Lime.  Now keep in mind that this cup sits on my desk – so I tend to drink it not particularly warm – love it anyway.  The afternoons beg for something light – a Sunshine Mate to pick up the energy for the last few hours – or a delicious Dung Ti Oolong – just because.  What do I drink in the evening?  Well – I could lie and make up something now – but lets face it – evenings call for cocktails or wine – everything must have its time and place.


We’ve introduced a new tea into our stores and we’re all in love with it – Quangzhou Milk Oolong.  Has anyone else tried this unbelievable tea?  It’s a lightly oxidized oolong – so it has a very light and delicate liquor.  This tea however, smells and tastes like sweet warm milk. The temperature shift during the harvest is what gives this tea its unique quality.  If you haven’t tried it yet – do!  If you have tried it – let us know what you think about it.  It’s my current favourite.

Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane – Honoré de Balzac