Positive thinking


The New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of a pain. Mostly because they end up being followed by unnecessary amounts of pressure and unrealistic goals. But resolutions are being made all year round, be it eating better or simply adding more days spent at the gym. So why is it that each New Year we start by focusing on what we didn’t achieve rather than reflecting on what we actually did? Positive reflections about already achieved goals can be the key in feeling better about setting new ones. So there it is. This is my New Years resolution – to reflect on all said and done, be it good or bad, positively. Because mistakes are part of our journey forward, so why should be keep regretting or blaming ourselves continuously? Everyone knows that holding on to all the missed opportunities can drag the spirit down. Yet we continue to hold on. Instead of holding on, we need to redirect our thought process into something positive that we can focus on, something that will help us bring us closer to our newly established goals. Instead of saying “I can’t believe I barely took care of my body last year, better hurry and get started before it’s too late!”, say “I’m looking forward to working on my body, I know I will try my best to do everything I set out to do”. Attitude is everything. So flip your switches on, change the channel to positive thinking and stop blaming yourself for things you haven’t done. Enjoy every moment, enjoy the fact that you are able to set goals, enjoy moving in the right direction – no matter how many set backs happen.


Happy new year and happy positive thinking!

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