January 15

Okay – so I gave you a break this weekend – I won’t be doing that again ūüôā ¬†I admit to having been guilty of a glass of wine and my ‘out of the box’ was going to a Sake store on Saturday and having a ‘flight’ of Sake. ¬†It was such a great experience! ¬†Never done a Sake tasting before.


Ahh…my favourite quotes…Seussisms:

“Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. ¬†There is no one alive, that is YOUER than YOU” – Dr Seuss


¬†Read a newspaper today – but not your regular news. ¬†If you lean left…read news that leans right. ¬†If you lean right…read news that leans left. ¬†Open yourself to a different side of the argument. ¬†You may still disagree with it, but true discourse comes from hearing all sides of the debate.


You still drinking? ¬†I sure hope you are. ¬†Dehydration can lead to lethargy, poor skin, low blood pressure. ¬†Just drink! ¬†I’ve said it before, I’ll keep saying it – water isn’t the only source of hydration…tea is as well.

Hot water with lemon
Oatmeal made with water or skim milk – a squeeze of Agave and a sliced banana

Cream of Avalon 

¬†Chili Spiced Salmon Salad – click for recipe. ¬†I love these kinds of recipes because spice is my answer to removing fat from my diet. ¬†Fat is flavour unfortunately, but so is spice…without the…well…fat!

Imperial Jasmine 

Moroccan Turkey Skillet – click for recipe. ¬†Yup…spice!

Moroccan Mint iced, sweetened with agave – add a splash of club soda

Low fat yogurt with cinnamon – slice an apple to dip into the yogurt
Sliced vegetables – carrots, celery, etc with a fat free Greek yogurt and horseradish dip. ¬†This is one of my favourite dips! The greek yogurt is thick enough that it doesn’t make you miss any of the fatty thick dips and horseradish has ZERO calories!