Socializing with Tea

I have decided that there is no better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than by having a tea social! Here is my simple mini guide to hosting a perfect tea soiree.

Tea socials take many forms, from the traditional afternoon tea to tea clubs, but what makes a tea social a perfect occasion is its versatile nature. Tea socials can be applied to smaller events such as a book club meeting but just as effectively to bigger ones, such as baby showers and even wedding processions. One of the key ingredients is of course tea, but just as importantly so are those who enjoy its aromatic nature and delicious flavour.

Once you have figured out what the special occasion is and who will be a part of your company, you would be able to get to the fun part – tea and tea accessories! I suggest getting a variety of tea to satisfy the tea needs of all those attending. For example, try one or two teas out of the following categories:

1.      Black (try our English Breakfast or Royal Earl Grey)

2.      Green (Madame Butterfly or a full bodied Organic Mao Jian)

3.      Herbal/Fruit (Rooibos Vanilla or Cranberry Apple fruit blend)

Now that you have chosen your tea, it is time to pick your tea accessories! Unless you have a teapot that has an infuser, I would suggest one of our Large Mesh Ball Infusers, or the Large Paper Filters in order to brew the tea. I would also like to recommend additional yummy treats, my personal favourite being the Agave sticks, a healthy and delicious way to give your tea a sweeter flavour. Make sure to follow the brewing instructions on each of our tea packages in order to achieve the perfect flavour!

Yet the most important part of hosting any tea social is to have fun, so don’t worry if the saucers don’t match the cups, it is all about surrounding yourself with the people you care about and enjoying the warmth of not only their company, but the tea that is made with love.

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