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Tea and Books…Books and Tea

I know.  I hear you.  It’s cold.  It’s February.  And the colour green outside is a distant memory.  But I’m afraid that there are certain things in life over which you have ZERO control – the weather happens to be one of them.  So…I have decided that the only thing I have control of, is how I react to the misery outside.  I have to admit that that quite often means hibernation.  But why not??  When I have my lovely dog and my house…(read nest)…I have delicious tea and I have the best and most affordable escape of all…a book.

I have to admit that I’ve always been a voracious reader.  I was the child who loved to read.  I was the child who never ever had to be told to read.  I would soak in books like a sponge and still do.  I curl up with a  blanket and dive into the deep ocean of characters and places, lost in my imagination.  Movies are great – and anyone who knows me, knows I love those as well.  But a book allows you to use your own imagination.  Visualizing and seeing the images the author has created.

I think perhaps that is why, for me, a good book goes hand in hand with a fabulous cup of tea.  When I sit and reflect on the tea I am drinking, I visualize the journey it has been through to  make its way into my cup.  And that my friends, is a rather amazing journey – I promise to post on that soon.  Equally, I love choosing my tea to suit the mood of my book.  Something soothing and delicate for a gentle book (Green, White and Oolong). Something spicy and evocative for a racy book (Chai, Lapsang Souchong).  Something energizing and lively for a suspense filled book (Black and Flavoured Black Tea).  What other beverage in the world can you match your mood with quite like tea?

What are you reading and what are you drinking?

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