Journal Tea

Hot Tea cocktail


There are still a few cold days left until the long awaited spring, disappointing I know, but do not despair. I have come up with a perfect hot cocktail to get you through these few remaining cold evenings.

Mix the following:

  • 4oz Rooibos Sugar Cookie or Sugar Plum or Rooibos Sweet Embrace
  • 2oz Rum
  • ½ teaspoon sugar/one cinnamon quill

Steep the tea according to how many serving you would like (1 tsp./cup), add rum of your choice (I chose gold rum) and ½ tsp. of sugar (preferably raw sugar). To make this dessert beverage an ultimate treat, I decided to go big or go home – add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and enjoy its smooth, creamy taste while it melts in the cup. So if the weather doesn’t keep you warm, make something that does!



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