Tea Expo & Le Nez du The

I want to talk a little bit about my experience at the World Tea Expo that took place on June 7-9 in Las Vegas. And the reason for that is because this type of exhibition is very important for the development of the business and its approach to innovation when moving forward. My company is constantly growing and changing and so it is crucial to share new knowledge and new technology when it comes to moving forward. The World Tea Expo is first of all a trade show, which means that business owners can promote, share and exchange ideas regarding the betterment of the tea industry. Second of all, the Tea Expo is a conference that specializes in not only tea but also tea related products where industry professionals and tea enthusiasts can gain product knowledge and spend their time networking and building new acquaintances. At the Expo, I had the pleasure of hosting a focus testing – “Le Nez du The” (The Nose of Tea), where participants were guided using aroma vials, where they learned about the intricacies of the aromas of various teas. The purpose of the focus testing was show the participants that anyone can develop a skill of identifying teas by their aromas and that each tea is just as unique as different grapes used to make wine. The focus testing turned out to be fun and enlightening and I look forward to expanding the line up of teas for future events!

A side note on the actual Expo: while walking down the aisles and examining some of the exhibits, I have noticed a huge variety of tea products – anything from bubbly drinks with tea in them, to chocolates and confectioneries made with tea. It is too much to take in sometimes because of all the different approaches to incorporate this wonderful ingredient. Yet when it all came down to what I wanted to see in my stores, I decided to stay collected and even though my inner eager child was bursting with excitement, I came with a virtual check list, and had to stick with it. I have to admit, some of the technology that I have seen made me very curious. As the tea industry grows, so do the machines – presses, strainers, brewers, steepers, you name it, they had it! I would be lying if I said I didn’t want half of those items, but that is just the tea enthusiast in me. Overall I think it is a wonderful event and I strongly recommend any tea lovers to visit one of these just to get a sense of how big the tea industry has gotten and how many options and new ideas there are when it comes to future developments. I had a great time, I have met some amazing people and I will definitely keep coming back for more.



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