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Tea in the News + My Update

So here’s a small update for you on my ‘habits’ as well as my cold.  I am well under way on my promise of de-cluttering!  Yay!  I thought this would be the most difficult, which is perhaps why I tackled it first.  I’ve started the de-clutter at home as well as in the office, and it feels great.  I’ll keep you posted on further progress.

As for that cold…after battling through some excruciating pain last week, I ended up at a walk-in clinic and was diagnosed with a full blown throat infection.  So now, I’m on antibiotics and on the mend.  The moral of the story:  stop being a hero, go to the doctor so you don’t end up with a throat infection!

Now on to tea news.  This beautiful article was in the Daily Telegraph recently and I just loved it.  One of my favourite things about tea, as anyone who knows me already knows, is the diversity and the people.  So many different traditions revolving all around the same lovely leaf.  Take a browse for yourself by clicking HERE.

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