The Delicious Food Show recap

This weekend the Tea Emporium had the pleasure of presenting its new line of Gluten Free Teas!

Hold up, wait a minute – doesn’t tea naturally contain no gluten? Ideally, yes. But unless a tea has been certified, there is no assurance whether it has been in contact with any gluten substances during processing or not. The Tea Emporium is the first and only tea company in Canada to carry certified gluten free tea products, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Delicious Food show was the perfect opportunity for us to re-introduce ourselves. A lot of you showed interest in our new products but more importantly we were happy to see you get excited about our new direction. It is so important to us that we bring forth continuous innovation. It’s not only exciting to our customers but proactively encouraging to us as a company to keep moving forward. Thus, the certified Gluten Free Line of Teas has been born (visit any of our locations and just ask us about it – we’d love to introduce you!)

The show itself, for those who missed it, was a tremendous success! Our weekend started off with a media release of our new Gluten Free Teas and shortly after, a presentation on “cooking with tea” by yours truly (keep an eye out for our delicious recipes in the next few weeks)! In the afternoon, it was time for waffles and tea, made fresh on site and a chance to get a tea reading from our special guest psychic.  In the evening, the Tea Emporium delivered something wild (as promised) – our own tea cocktails! Our Jasmine green tea concentrate mixed with lemons, mint and vodka & the Citrus Sunburst concentrate mixed with orange juice, ginger ale and tequila (alcoholic beverages – courtesy of Cottonwood Wine and Spirit agency). Want to make your own? No problem! Just pick up any delicious package of tea at any of our locations and try mixing your own wild cocktails!

The weekend wrapped up with music, laughter and cheers –  and we couldn’t be happier.

A great thanks to all those who came out and supported us and to our new and devoted customers – I hope you all had fun, I know we did!

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