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The delights of fresh spring tea

Most of you may know or remember my immense love for this time of year.  The season of First Flush teas.  Our office was filled with samples six weeks ago and we carefully chose two delightful teas for you this year.  The first is from Jungpana – a magnificent tea garden dating back 100 years in the breathtaking mountains of Darjeeling.  To this day, there is no road that allows cars to drive up into the estate – it is connected only by a trail for mules that can bring the tea laden chests 500 feet below to roads.  The work and dedication that goes into these teas is unmatched.

The second tea we chose for you this year is from the Goomtee estate.  An estate we have carried in the past and decided to re-visit again this year.  Like so many of the estates in Darjeeling, this one dates back to the late 19’th Century and has always maintained the traditions inherent in the art of making tea.

So what’s so special about First Flush Darjeeling?  Well, first, there is a small window during which they are available.  They are the very first picked teas after the long harvest rest of the winter months.  Darjeelings are unique for so many reasons – but the subtle, buttery and smooth finish of First Flush Darjeelings are like no other.  It’s like a special treat, available just once a year and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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