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Some of you love the day of love…others not so much.  I get it, it’s a day you’ve been instructed to show your love, and perhaps we shouldn’t have to designate specific days to it.  Perhaps we should just show the ones we love that we do, all of the time.  Having said that, isn’t it lovely to set aside days as reminders – extra reminders – birthdays as a day to celebrate your life and valentine as a day to celebrate your love.

What most people don’t know is that February 14th is the designated day of the feast of  St Valentine, the day set aside to commemorate the life of the Saint.  Valentine was a Roman priest in the 3rd Century at a time when the Emperor, Claudius, had banned marriage for all young men. Claudius believed that single men would be better fighters and more loyal to him.  Valentine however, continued marrying young lovers in secret, defying the law.  Valentine was of course executed when the Emperor discovered what he was doing.

However you choose to celebrate – tell someone you love them xx

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