Yerba Mate-A New Morning Ritual

One question we’ve been hearing a lot at the Tea Emporium is, “What’s a good tea for someone who is trying to quit coffee?”  Almost always, we recommend the Mate Chino for its toasty deep rich flavour and energy boosting properties. Yerba Mate (Ilex Paraguensis) is an evergreen shrub from the holly plant family and is native to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. It has been cultivated and used as a traditional drink for centuries and boasts an impressive variety of health benefits.

As a morning drink, mate can help you break a coffee habit by providing you with energy and stimulation without the “jitters” of caffeine. The stimulant in mate, mateine, doesn’t jolt you awake but gives you a “cleaner” energy that lasts throughout the day without the ups and downs of coffee. Mate is also rich in theobromine, an alkaloid compound which has been associated with lowering blood pressure. In addition to the energy boost it provides, mate is also rich in minerals and polyphenols. Studies show that mate can also help improve mood and concentration and act as a hunger suppressant.

Traditionally, mate is drunk from a gourd using a metal straw known as a bombilla. You can prepare your mate any way you like, however. Die-hard coffee drinkers might find it comforting to use a favourite mug to ease into their new ritual! Remember that we have a variety of different sorts of Yerba Mate try a few and pick your new favourite.



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