A perfect brew

Several studies have found tea to be heart healthy. Tea is a rich source of dietary flavonoids, which have been shown There are many discussion about the best way to steep your tea – some will argue that in order to fully appreciate the ‘agony’ of the leaves, the tea should be steeped directly in the pot without infusors. We find however, that the proper infusors not only allow you to enjoy a great cup of tea without any over infusion (bitterness), but the process becomes much easier and cleaner.

How to brew the best cup of tea:
1. Use freshly drawn water – discard old water from your kettle. If the quality of your water is questionable, use spring water.

2. Bring water to a boil for black teas, oolongs and herbals (tisanes), 80C for white and green teas.

3. Measure one teaspoon measurement per cup of tea into a large infusor – it is important that your infusor is large enough to allow the leaves to unfurl and fully infuse their flavours. You should always refer to the brewing instructions of your specific tea for measurements as some teas will vary.

4. Pre-heat your teapot – this will keep your tea warmer for a longer amount of time as the teapot won’t steal the heat away from your tea.

5. Pour water OVER the tea leaves – allow to infuse depending on the infusion time of the tea you are brewing.

6. Remove tea infusor from water – sit back and enjoy.