Does tea have a lot of caffeine?
A 6oz cup of tea has approximately 40mg of caffeine versus brewed coffee at 100-150mg. It is also important to note that the effects of the caffeine are different on your body. Whereas coffee is aggressive, affecting the heart; tea is much gentler, stimulating the nervous system. Most people do not experience the same jolt and crash that they experience with coffee. Everyone however, is affected very differently by caffeine, so we recommend listening to your body – it never lies to you.

Do I need an infusor to brew tea?
Although infusors are not a must we do recommend them for few reasons. All teas have specific infusion times – the time the leaves spend in the water – if leaves are infused for too long they become bitter. Infusors allow you to steep your tea long enough without over-infusing. It is very important that the infusor you use is large enough allowing plenty of room for the leaves to expand. The second benefit of infusors is the convenience – it makes loose leaf brewing less cumbersome and it allows you to enjoy great tea wherever you are.

Why is my green tea bitter?
Green tea needs a little more attention when brewing than black tea. Firstly, don\’t boil your water – the water temperature should be apprximately 80-90C. The second most important rule in brewing green tea is the infusion time – approximately 1-3 minutes. When leaves are over-infused and too many polyphenols are released in the water, tea becomes bitter.

How do I best store my tea?
Tea must be stored dry, dark and airtight. Common mistakes that are made is storing tea in glass jars or refrigerators/freezers. Light is the enemy of tea, so glass jars must be stored in cupboards to prevent damage. As for refrigerators and freezers, they are filled with condensation which is formed on your tea every time you remove it from the refrigerator or freezer – this will damage your tea. We recommend an airtight container that will not pass on any flavour to your tea, as well as dry cupboard that isn’t filled with other odours (ie. spices).

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