What Tea-People do after hours: TE Staff Summer Party 2012

Merriment ensued after hours this past Sunday during the annual Tea Emporium Summer Party. On this year’s menu: a taco bar! Steamed wraps, pulled pork, breaded tofu cubes (for the one vegetarian in our midst), guacamole, salsa, and cheese. Served alongside these self-serve beauties is the white-bean salad with cucumber, red onions, tomatoes, and lots of fresh mint; this was a real hit – the salad was devoured and there were hardly any leftovers.

Starters included a veggie platter, a minty-yougurty soup, warm olives with rosemary, succulent shrimp with Mexican spices. Thirst-quenchers: sangria and a basil-infused lemonade.

The dessert was a real treat to the eyes (eye-candy) – a candy bar! Also on the dessert menu, a platter filled with mini Belgian waffles served with a delicious caramel sauce.

The tying of the traditional obi was one of the many highlights of the gathering. Mariko was quickly joined by other members of the staff, who struggled to tie the obi into a somewhat respectable-looking bow, much to the delight and amusement of Shabnam, who kept asking, “How many people does it take to tie an obi on me?!”

Our revelry moved to the tunes of Metric and the Black Keys (both the preferred bands of the summer), and play-doh worlds were created by Anna and Tom’s adorable kids.

All in all, an amazing past Sunday and a great way to cap off an extremely busy summer, with the brand refresh still on its way to completion.


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