A tea renaissance

Figure 3


In honor of the spring season, I wanted to share my excitement about the new spring harvest teas! It is such a wonderful time of the year because the early spring picked teas are exceptional, light in liquor with delicate flavors and aromas, making them quite a unique bunch. Although the first flush teas are scarce, they are an absolute delight.

I strongly believe that just like a tea plant gets reborn every spring, so do we as individuals. Spring is the time for new beginnings. Just as the new buds of a tea plant are gently picked, we shed away our old habits and discover new, exciting, pure joys of life. Spring signifies rebirth. To each of us, rebirth is a unique experience, an intimate affair between our soul and mind. The picking of the newly born buds is an affair between the picker and the plant…each transaction is full of care, devotion and patience.

Now is the perfect time to think about your bodies, your minds, your souls. Now is the time to take care – renovate, strengthen, rejuvenate, revive these vital parts that make you who you are. And if you wish to choose a companion, there are plenty to help you on your journey, try any of the First Flush Darjeelings (e.g. Dooteriah, Makaibari), they are bound to awaken your senses!