First Flush

We’ve received our first flush teas and we are so excited – we’ve brought in a first flush Darjeeling from the Makaibari estate as well as a first flush Assam – Sewpur – very interesting tea.  Also from the Makaibari estate we have a very rare Oolong and from one of our favourite estates – Margaret’s Hope – we have an unusual white Darjeeling.   For more information on all of these teas – visit our website at  Has anyone tried this years first flush teas – we would love to hear your comments.

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Hi there,

What is in your flush teas? I couldn’t find enough information on your website. I recently bought some wellness teas from Roland Semprie Rosedale that are for liver cleansing, colon cleansing, and weight loss, and have really started feeling the benefits. I’m wondering if there are standard herbs and leaves in these kinds of teas – perhaps I could just buy them in bulk? Thanks!


Dear LM

First Flush actually refers to the first pick of the tea season – it happens after the harvest rest in early spring and is a term that is generally used for black teas from the Darjeeling region.

In regards to your question about cleansing teas – tea as a product is cleansing – it is the most natural beverage you can consume that it is filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Ofcourse, you will find teas that have been enhanced with additional benefits such as our Green Tea Kombucha Lime – Kombucha binds the toxins in your blood and your organs, making them water soluble – check it out on our website:

I hope that helps.

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