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Long Weekend!!

Well the summer is here…and the bbq’s will be on…and the drinks will be flowing!   Yay Toronto, we are allowed to officially say that WINTER IS OVER!!  There!  I said it!  If we get a freak snowstorm, you can yell at me 🙂

I will be spending my weekend partially gardening, partially meeting with a client, partially preparing for the Tea Sommelier class I’m teaching next week, partially with friends tonight bbq’ing and partially with my family.  Yes, a lot of partiallys.

A long weekend is not a long weekend though without a fabulous cocktail recipe.  So, the intention here was to create a tea based Kir Royale, hence the name.  You can absolutely smell and taste the black currant.  But for some amazing fluke of cosmic interference, the combination of the Black Currant tea and the Prosecco produces a concoction that tastes like a fruit beer – actually, exactly like Frühli.  So…what better cocktail to make for your Victoria Day BBQ???


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